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Annah developed her love for makeup artistry as a child when she marveled at her grandmother’s shades of red lipstick and the precision of her mother’s liquid liner flick.

Growing up in an artistic family she began to paint portraits – realizing her passion to paint faces.

Annah has now been in the industry for over a decade with jobs ranging from print to runway to red carpet to film and video.

She has traveled extensively and is constantly researching the industry to always be up-to-date on trends in skin care, makeup and hair as a beauty blogger and the director of a women’s community center in the jungles of the Peruvian Amazon.

Annah prides herself in being multifaceted, creative and adaptive in her abilities. She has worked long and hard on developing her skills and welcomes new challenges with open arms.

Currently slinging brushes up and down the west coast, but always open to travel opportunities.